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tv   Headline News  RT  July 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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pleasure to have you with us you're on our team today on roller sutured. coming up on r t will u.s. drones be shipped abroad the u.s. government could be moving closer to adding military drones to its export list details on that just ahead. and cook their soon to be six california supporters of the six state initiatives say they now have enough signatures to put the idea on the ballot in two thousand and sixteen the details on this potential vote coming up . and in response to u.s. spying germany is looking for ways to protect its privacy now the head of germany's and i say inquiry is suggesting a counterespionage tactic that's rather old school find out more later in the show
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. it's wednesday july sixteenth five pm in washington d.c. amir i dated and you're watching r.t. america. u.s. military drones may soon be expanding their reach across the world u.s. export control officials say they may be willing to ease some restrictions that have limited the sale of american made military drones overseas artes make has more . american might not manufacture its own clothes or shoes or even fly exist days but if there is one thing the u.s. makes best it's weaponized drones and it looks like more of this made in america stamp killing technology could be hitting the sky soon the wall street journal reports that during a panel discussion and an international air show in england this week kenneth handelman who manages the department's defense trade controls hinted that the u.s.
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might be relaxing its restrictions on exporting these machines in the near future hellman says that the policy reviews for these exports have been quote ongoing for quite a long time and the result will be very helpful to export hers and also to our allies who are hoping to take advantage of this military drone technology he told the audience to quote state currently the state department controls the export of anything that's on the munitions list and then nine hundred eighty seven agreement known as the missile technology control regime which was signed by thirty four nations prevents the spread of unmanned systems that have the capability of carrying weapons of mass destruction but this resolution is non-binding meanwhile a recent rand corporation report found that twenty three countries are currently developing their own versions of militarized drones proponents of these exports believe that u.s. innovation will expand if companies have a more competitive environment and also that the sales of military drones are going
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to be happening regardless of u.s. involvement in the future so there is a massive economic incentive for loosening this policy right now the drone industry is raking in billions of dollars in the set to double in the next decade opponents of the exports of these weaponized drones say that the sale. could lead to countless civilian casualties or they could eventually end up in the wrong hands at the state department today i asked press secretary genset you have about the possible policy change here is her response has recently spoke about the possibility or hinted about the possibility of loosening controls for the export of armed drones is there first of all a timeline for when this announcement will be made what kind of factors play into this decision and the potential allies that would be seeking these drones for all i don't have any details on that we can check and see if there are any to share afterward a state department official told me that the agency recognizes that the issue of exporting the technology deserves more attention and a review which they are conducting on
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a case by case basis deficient went on to say that fame and rights considerations are being deliberated as well as international commitments to nonproliferation makers of the drones are obviously standing the most to gain by the relaxation of these restrictions lobbyist for these companies have been aggressively pushing for washington to agree given deep and lasting pentagon budget cuts that are leaving these companies with no one to sell to right now the u.s. has only sold completely weaponized drones the way but it cannot handle intense are to be believed there could be even more of these u.s. made up most rise drones taking to the skies in the near future reporting in front of the state department megalo prince r.t. . and now to guantanamo bay where u.s. navy nurse has refused to force feed prisoners who are on an extended hunger strike according to the miami miami herald the on identified nurse declined to participate
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after deciding that the practice is a criminal act officials say this is the first protest of its kind at the detention center up until now the nurse or doctor has ever refused to to feed a prisoner a spokesperson for the southern command which oversees want on about so as the nurses alou. tenant and has been assigned to other duties instead the u.s. military maintains it uses humane methods to keep hunger striking prisoners alive but the un human rights commission said there were guards force feeding at guantanamo as a form of torture additionally the american medical association president has said that force feeding hunger strikers violates core at the core values in fact a recent editorial in the new england journal of medicine urged guantanamo's prison doctors to refuse to participate and that's exactly what we've seen now but whether this catches on as a form of protest remains to be seen there are currently one hundred forty nine prisoners still at the detention center thirty four of them are believed to be on
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hunger strike eighteen of which meet the guidelines for force feeding. a swedish court has ruled to up hold an arrest warrant against wiki leaks founder julian assange on charges of sexual assault a songes arrest was issued at the end of two thousand and ten after two women in sweden accused him of sexual assault a songe has long denied the allegations and had been trying to get those charges dropped the whistleblower fear that if he is extradited to sweden he would then be vulnerable to being extradited to the u.s. where he could face charges over the release of thousands of secret documents by wiki leaks chelsea manning the american soldier who passed those documents to us and was sentenced to thirty five years in prison last july assad remains in the ecuadorian embassy where he has been for two years since the ecuadorian government granted him asylum. well it was the war of words between u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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samantha power and her russian counterpart fatah lead churkin but surprisingly this time it had nothing to do with ukraine or syria or even iran rather it was all about the controversial russian band pussy riot artie's marine important. takes a look at their tip for tat exchange the russian and american ambassadors to the united nations usually keep their negotiations and debates within the chambers of the world body headquarters however a tit for tat between the two diplomats is currently playing out in the public domain sparked by something written in the pages of a glossy magazine the august issue of vanity fair features an article on samantha power in which she strikes a bit of a verbal job against her russian counterpart here's the context the reporter says he reminded miss power that ambassador vitaly churkin jokingly asked her if she'd join the russian punk group pussy riot after she met with the two famous band
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members and bassett her powers says she told mr churkin that their first concert stop on tour would be where russia holds its political prisoners though regrettably she can't sing the u.s. envoy claims she got the last word in that conversation saying it's what passes as a small victory oh if only the verbal jabs and snarky miss ended there it doesn't in a statement posted on facebook ambassador churkin says while it did stoke his vanity to see himself referenced in the article he found powers pussy riot tore stop comment to be rather lame saying quote they never performed in guantanamo after all ouch a reference to america's biggest stain on international law and human rights violations ambassador churkin also sets the record straight saying quote i called samantha and explained to her that russia did not have any political prisoners she seemed to be amused and promised to get back to me on this she never did unquote ambassador
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churkin claims that miss power told him he got the upper hand in that exchange but he says he will claim it as a small victory hopefully when the two diplomats meet once again face to face at the u.n. there will be no hard feelings and the debates can go back to revolve around issues . such as creating more peace and less conflict. archie new york. now to some breaking news the u.s. has decided to impose unilateral sanctions on russia over its involvement in ukraine today the obama administration targeted a series of large banks along with energy and defense firms to discuss the very latest i want to bring in our t.v. guy need to check down i knew always good to have you so first of all give us a little context here who is being targeted as you said russian banks as well as energy and defense firms the sanctions as we understand do not target entire sectors of the russian economy something that washington was pushing to do the new
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measures will restrict access to american debt markets with the targeted companies and those include. russia state owned oil and largest oil company will produce a guest from bank which is the financial arm of gas problem which is the state controlled natural gas producer in the arctic another russian natural gas producer of nashik on them bank which is where she is economic and development bank u.s. officials say these new sanctions will bar these companies from the american debt markets for loans over ninety days meaning that they will still be able to conduct business over with overnight loans but will find it harder to finance medium and long term projects now u.s. officials say this is being done because they don't see enough steps on the part of russia to deescalate the situation in ukraine and moscow says that it is not was sponsible for everything for the crisis that is happening in ukraine absolutely now the european union is also mulling over its own set of sanctions and as i
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understand it they're actually meeting today we have not heard the verdict on that what do we know do should we expect that they're also going to follow suit with the u.s. right well by the end of wednesday and it is the end of wednesday european time it was clear that you were out. europe would not go as far as the united states instead europe is can considering the plan to block loans for new projects in russia by european investment and development banks this of course reflects a deeper division between washington and brussels europe showed that it is not prepared to cut multi-billion dollar trade in partnership with russia thousands of european companies are doing business with russia as you know hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of thousands of people would be on the line with such sanctions in place and you also had u.s. businesses actually calling on the obama administration to consider their losses because sectoral sanctions would put u.s. businesses that this would disadvantage because many of the services and
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acknowledges that u.s. companies sell european companies have and sell and this way the u.s. would isolate itself from from a lot of business that could be done there right artie's got any shutdown thanks for that reporting. now to the crisis along the us mexico border record numbers of children from honduras el salvador and guatemala have crossed into the u.s. over the past year are seeking refuge from their violence and poverty stricken countries last week president obama appealed to congress for three point seven billion dollars in emergency spending to deal with the immigration influx however that hasn't qual the controversial debate that's a risen in recent weeks over how to solve the problem in the wake of the immigration surge we've seen a whole host of opposition groups want everything from civilian protesters blocking buses carrying refugees to now individual militias who say they plan to take border security into their own hands now one group doing just that is arizona border
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reconnaissance isn't roup a former soldiers that specializes in tracking drug runners and immigrants were illegally crossing the arizona mexico border the director of the group who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from drug cartels had this to say about the potential dangers of militia groups taking on the job of border security lowish is being given a bad name by probably a couple crazies out there and. the government and media but like you said we're not a militia when we have people come to us we vet them we make sure they are who they say they are they have to follow strict rules of engagement they have to follow strict standard operating procedures. and it's like when we go out we will. contact more virtual world know where we're going
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how many people are going to be there how long we're going to be out so there is no or what they call blue on blue which is friendly fire for the bag could happen if you get yahoos out there but we are very well trained and we're in constant communications with border patrol so we don't have any problems customs and border patrol has stated that it does not endorse or support any private group or organization from taking matters into their own hands because it could have disastrous personal and public safety consequences. i believe it or not a proposal to split california and does six states is moving forward the man behind the plan venture capitalist tim draper says he now have anough signatures to place it on the twenty six team ballot bringing the initiative one step closer to fruition artie's in the lead chan has more. could the most populated state in the union be split up well that's what one tech billionaire in silicon valley wants to
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do tim draper a venture capitalist wants to break california into not two not three not even four but six smaller states and his vision is one step closer to going up for a vote draper announced this week that he collected a one point three million signatures in a petition to put his proposal on the california state ballot in two years well over the eight hundred eight thousand needed and with just over thirty eight million people in california if it were its own country it would have the eighth largest economy in the world but if draper has his way the landscape could change dramatically now much of the bay area plus santa cruz and monterey counties they would become the state of silicon valley and california's most northern parts they would become jefferson as some counties up there have already wanted for years and some north of the counties would become part of north california leaving stockton
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fresno and bakersfield they would become central california los angeles been tierra and santa barbara would wind up in the west california leaving san diego to anchor south california now mr draper appeared on r t america just a few months ago to explain his thought process on why a california should be split california has failed the system is not working we've had great people governing california and for some reason it has not worked and i think it's just too big too on we'll be and we're just a closed door government anymore and for those backing draper they say dividing the state would create a more business friendly environment they say it would even fix water issues and maybe even ease traffic congestion now while draper will get his chance to have this on the ballot and. the next election cycle it's very unlikely that california
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voters will agree with his ideas many have already vocalize their objection to this notion calling draper's plan a colorful waste of time a democratic and g.o.p. strategist teamed up to form one california group aimed at fighting off draper and it is big bucks they say draper's plan is hurting the california brand so even if voters were just support the state split congress and then the president would have to approve it too which is something highly unlikely to happen from washington miliband. california is facing one of the worst droughts and decades while the agricultural industry suffers urban water use in the month of may actually went up there despite efforts to encourage conservation so now the state water board isn't acting in emergency rule allowing local agencies to find water wasters up to five hundred dollars a day but it's not only people over watering their lawns and hosing off their driveways that are contributing to the problem another one of the potential
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culprits is not sleep on the morongo band of mission indians reservation the largest bottled water company in the u.s. has been drawing water from a spring in milford canyon for over a decade now keep in mind this is the cabazon area which has been facing declining groundwater levels since the year two thousand it's hard to say if or how much nestle's bottled water production contributes to this decrease because as a sovereign nation it's reporting requirements are lax on the tribe is exempt from oversight but according to reporting by the desert sun newspaper the local water agency estimates that about two hundred and forty four million gallons are pumped from the spring each year it's accurate that's the equivalent of the amount of water used annually by at least four hundred households in the region nestle leases the property from the tribe to package arrowhead spring water and purified. are sold under the brand nestle pure life it's just one of the many plants across the
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u.s. that was built to quench the increasing thirst for bottled water but now it's the earth that's really thirsty. and still ahead here on our t.v. with n.s.a. leaks showing that the u.s. spied on germany relations have grown tense between the two nations and now with german government is considering a form of cyber security that's quite old school find out more right after the break. i'm out in martin the stories we cover here are not going to be here in iraq that our big story that i am sure that while they are talking is the reason they don't want to deny all about going to morrow morning carol phrase that we should all be. now let's break the set.
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list. would you like me you want your comedy news from t.v. put your comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. but the truth vampire fighting into the necks of the corporate elite the billionaire freaks while they're going. out so that's what you get with my new show project at the night. well it's a myth it. is in the media. for the prophecy to cover and it is true that actually doesn't do too much for ad
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revenue line tech agriculture journey and it's on a seventy six year old american farmer to the fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering that. this is the largest economy but it's also the largest debtor nation. breaking the set is mostly about turning the status quo on why did you all. looking for the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers are going to wake up and start talking about the real cause of. just typing out my script here but if you haven't seen one of these in a while this is exactly what german politicians may be using pretty soon for sensitive documents so why did typewriters while i was in my imagine has a little something to do with u.s. surveillance operations in the n.s.a.
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documents leaked by former government contractor edward snowden we learned that the u.s. had spied on chancellor on globe markel cell phone and intercepted the communications of german citizens to add to that germany also just recently discovered that two of their intelligence employees were allegedly acting as double agents american espionage activity has put germany on high alert and interview with the head of the country's parliament terry inquiry into n.s.a. activity politician patrick sense burke said that he'll have colleagues were seriously thinking of ditching the email completely asked whether he considers typewriters he said as a matter of fact we have and not electronic models either. the idea has already course met some opposition from government insiders who say that it's unreasonable to turn back to typewriters in the twenty first century but some german officials say that old technology may be more appealing than new technology and
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a digital collection world. and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king larry king now tonight encore episode features country music legend willing nelson here's a part of that interview i know you're an advocate for the legalization of marijuana by the way there are probably three sure things in life death taxes and marijuana is going to be legal there is a poll a pew research poll released today three out of four americans favor the full legalization of marijuana jaeger think that would happen you know i'm not going to you know i thought maybe eventually it would when people wised up and started looking at it. plus realizing that there's some money there somebody making you know damn right up to the criminals are making this so what's got you started smoking well i started out when i was a kid smoke and anything i could get. corn silks you know cedar bark.
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and then roll up a new store roll it up border do you smoke every day i don't think i've missed a day in years really so it's a habit well i think it's a good habit for me you know i don't recommend it for anybody you know but for me it seems to help me. so to men and nine pm tonight here on our team america my does it for now for more on the stories we cover go to you tube dot com slash r t america check out our website r t dot com slash usa and follow me on twitter at amir a david. the but. it was a terrible day and very hard to take up. once again to put them on a plane why haven't you ever had sex with that earthquake there none. of us wanted
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. to because. it was fun. to. play a. clip from. one of the pieces of the past. six o'clock for. the report. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy tricolors. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press similarly we've been
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a hydrogen client handful of friends dash no corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers but once sold to us from my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america to find her job ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture. because the value of money over art because it's become
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a corporate bastardization of one of humanity's most primal core important forms of self-expression pop music really grosses me out but even more offensive to me than pop music is props music as in stupid pop music being created to promote propaganda and right now there's a huge prop song sweeping the airwaves in central america it's a song called love these ts which means the beast and it's about a freight train that migrants ride from southern mexico to the u.s. border kidnappings robberies rates even murders occur on the train which is why it's infamously known as the feast among migrants the song features upbeat cumia music against dismally ric's about the train like they call are the beast from the south this wretched train of death with the devil in the boiler whistled roars twists and turns libby's ts is a big hit people and hunger asks what amala and el salvador love it calling up
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their local radio stations to request it it's being played by twenty one radio stations in those countries and like the case with most pop songs no one really knows who wrote it or where it came from unlike most pop songs this prop song was commissioned by the us government hence it being nothing but propaganda it's part of the u.s. customs and border protection dangers awareness campaign which is designed to deter illegal immigration into the us lovise diaz isn't the first song commissioned by c.b.p. . but it is the first one written specifically for a central american audience one guy was hired by c.b.p. to write it he brought in a musician from new york to compose the music he hired a bar mitzvah singer for vocals and there you go a prop song was manufactured just like any other horrible pop song at first one of
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the composers working with c.b.p. carlo nikolaus was hesitant the song was being played as part of the regular rotation at radio stations with no disclaimer that the u.s. government is behind it so it felt manipulative to them but nevertheless was born in the us to mexican parents and know the horrors of that train so ultimately he ended up feeling like the manipulated props of music might be an ok thing that could save lives the thing that gets to me about this prop song nonsense is the same thing that gets to me about pop songs it's mind control by design with a hidden agenda for pop music that's just to make money with this prop song it's to deter immigration it's in atlantic and manufactured but one look at music charts tells me just how many people are willing to blindly follow along without questioning anything so may.


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